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Legacy Leadership®

Legacy Leadership® is more than a program.  Other leader training systems will find a place and a fit within the comprehensive structure / framework of the Five Best Practices. The truths and Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance and form the foundation for real-time legacy in today’s business environment.

Legacy Leadership® is built on 5 Best Practices, which are found in all great leaders, whether it’s those whose focus & achievements, leap from the worn pages of the ancients, or those found among the Fortune 500 leaders of today – and will be found among the leaders of tomorrow. Legacy Leadership® is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for the new economy. It enables you to live your legacy now, and grow the leaders of tomorrow…today. Legacy Leadership® works, because it is directed at the core of what achieves results – the people.

About the Institute

Limitless Leadership International is pleased to offer the Legacy Leadership® content in both an ’In the Room‘ experience and a ’Virtual‘ learning platform using Maestro Conference and Adobe Connect. Both learning environments are highly interactive, filled with stimulating challenges and unique learning opportunities. We believe this Institute will be life-changing as you learn not just another leadership style but also a genuine proven life leadership system.

You will learn the basic principles of the 5 Best Practices, which are the foundation of Legacy Leadership®, and how to design and implement action plans to measure and grow Legacy Leadership® competencies in your personal or organizational environments, setting the optimal direction and environments for achieving outstanding business results. You will be challenged to evaluate your own Legacy Leadership® current state and potential, and given the blueprint and tools to instill it in others.

The bottom line is:

  • The time is right.
  • People are asking for it.
  • People need it.
  • Our globally connected world is ripe for it.
  • Those who have experienced it are humbled and inspired.


The Legacy Leadership® Three Day Institute

Preparation for Facilitating Legacy Leadership® with Individuals or small groups

The Course is 24 hours of Legacy  Leadership training and approved by the International Coach Federation. In this  program each Best Practice is given 4 hours or more in focus that covers its basic  behavioural integration and interaction with the Critical Success Skills, and practical  exercises that serve to illustrate and illuminate the application of the practice. Additional  learning in this course includes:

  • The Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory
  • The Leaders Sphere of Influence
  • The Leader and Interaction with Personality Preferences
  • The Leader and Vision Development
  • The Leader and Gaining Accountability
  • The Leader as a Coach
  • Leaders and Business Planning with Strategy Development
  • The Leader as Story Teller

When complete, participants will be prepared, and authorized, to facilitate Legacy  Leadership in individual client coaching relationships and /or with small organizations  (typically under 10 people)

Tuition $1995 USD individual or custom organizational negotiated tuition. 

The Legacy Leadership® International Professional Facilitator  Certification

The Legacy Leadership® International Facilitator Certification Program includes the complete  learning experience of the Three Day Institute and moves on to the facilitation aspect of teaching  Legacy Leadership® to others. The certification authorizes facilitators to practice and teach  Legacy Leadership anywhere in the world.

This program is available both ‘In the Room’ and virtually. When complete, Legacy  Leadership® facilitators may deliver Legacy programs up to, and including, the Three Day  Institute, with individual coaching clients, small businesses and within organizations. The unique  benefit of this Certification is that you are authorized to facilitate anywhere in the world, with no  restrictions or constraints.

Tuition: $1995 USD

The Legacy Leadership® Virtual Institute

The LLVI is a 6 week virtual course conducted over online media.  The course offers the same  content as the ‘In the Room’ training, with the exception of some of the experiential learning  exercises.  We have found this a more cost effective option (removing travel costs) that serves  participants well to gain the content and contextualize the application.

When one finishes the  LLVI he/she will walk away being able to employ the 5 Best Practices to proficiently implement  them into daily practice.  At the conclusion of the educational segment of the training (9 hours),  there are 6 Integration calls offered to embed the Best Practices along with the Critical Success  Skills of each Best Practice.  Including these two segments, the total is 15 hours of participation.  (with ICF Accreditation)  When complete, participants will be prepared, and authorized, to facilitate Legacy Leadership®  in individual client coaching relationships and /or with small organizations (typically no more  than 10 people)

Tuition: 1995 USD

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6 Weekly Virtual Sessions | Each 90 minutes | March 7 – April 11, 2017

Briefing Packet

The Legacy Leadership® Virtual Professional Facilitator Certification

The LLVCI includes all the content in the LLVI with the additional opportunity to obtain an  International Facilitator Certification in the use of the Legacy Leadership® Model for  organizational small groups, coaching/mentoring clients or leadership seminars/speeches. This  International Certification does not allow attendees to certify others but does allow the graduate  to order and purchase materials for facilitation and presentation use from Coach Works®  International and Limitless Leadership International.  At the end of this International Certification  process the attendee will have received 30 CEU hours of total training that is approved by the  International Coach Federation.

These comprehensive programs include:

  • 6 – 12 x 90 minute virtual sessions (using telephone and web connections)
  • Materials for assessing and monitoring the growth of your leadership strengths and  growing edges. Opportunities with each Best Practice to apply learning and share  with colleagues
  • Pre and post session readings to augment and strengthen your experience and  understanding of Legacy Leadership® Best Practices
  • An invitational social gathering site where you can engage in accessing resources,  posing questions, and engaging in conversations / discussions with your learning  peers and the facilitators
  • An opportunity to work actively with a Legacy Leader Partner throughout the program
  • ‘Just –in –time’ orientation to the technologies we will be using  • Summaries of all sessions for between & post program reference or if a session is  missed
  • One hour of complimentary mentoring with one of the facilitators as you personalize /  customize the Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® to your business /  organizational application

Tuition: 1995 USD 

While the LLVI Certification Program prepares one to deliver in-person Legacy Leadership®  programs, if there is a desire to deliver our programs virtually, a skills development program in  virtual facilitation skills is required. This program, The Virtual Facilitator, is offered by the  Odyssey Leadership Centre.  These programs are co-facilitated by Brenda Chaddock and Gary Patterson , both Certified Master Facilitators and Certification Trainers of Legacy Leadership®

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We would be delighted to talk with you about best leader development options for you and / or  your organization. Please contact Brenda@limitlessleadership.com or at 1-604- 929-4290


Legacy Leadership® Facilitator Certification

For those wishing to facilitate and coach Legacy Leadership® in organizations or with clients, Limitless Leadership also offers a Facilitator Certification virtually. The International Coach federation offers Continuing Education Credits for this Certification.

This program is co-facilitated by Brenda Chaddock and Gary Patterson , both Certified Master Facilitators and Certification Trainers of Legacy Leadership®

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Legacy Leadership Institute & (optional) International Facilitator Certifications
September 11-14, 2017 – San Antonio, TX

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Integrating Legacy Leadership®:

Using the Legacy Leadership® Focus Workbook in a 6 week TeleClass, you will unlock the power of Legacy Leadership® in organizations and with individual coaching clients. Find out more here. New dates will be announced soon.

Marketing & Selling Legacy Leadership®:

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