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Leading ‘at the edge’ into the unknown future of your organization?

A leader who wants to live your legacy?

An entrepreneur or organizational leader?

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An internal coach, OD director/manager or HR director/manager?

An internal leader with a mandate for creating a culture which is committed to growing leaders?

ARE YOU . . .

An external consultant or coach who takes organizations and their leaders to new heights?

An emerging leader who wants to hone your skills and optimize your effectiveness?

A retired leader who is ready to mentor others for the development of tomorrow’s leaders?

Legacy Leadership Institute

Dates to be Announced

During This 24 hours of Legacy Leadership Training Each Best Practice is Given 4+ Hours of Focus. These hours cover basic behavioural integration, interaction with critical success skills and exercises that illustrate and illuminate the application of the practice.


Leadership Enrichment Programs and Services

Web-Based Planning System which provides Alignment, Accountability, and Results

Sell The Legacy Leadership® Class

Identify, learn, create and leave with a Marketing Strategy

Legacy Leadership® Core Programs and Services

Our Core Programs For Strengthening Leadership Competencies

Living & Leaving a Leadership Legacy

Check out our video to find more about our living and leaving a legacy as leaders

Legacy Leadership® Facilitator and Professional Facilitator Certifications

Real-time leadership development in the business environment

Assessment Instruments

The Winslow Report Assessment System


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