5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have to Grow Their Businesses

Even if your business is filling a small niche, it is important to have a plan to help your company grow. There are many things an entrepreneur needs to focus on, and many skills that will ease the growing pains of running a small business. Besides general business savvy, you will find that flexibility, focus, dreaming, networking, and learning are all part of creating a thriving company.

Growing Today

Stay Focused. Taking your One Page Business Plan® and breaking down your ultimate goals into monthly, weekly and daily steps will create your laser-focused to-do list. Staying on target and committing to accomplish each task will guarantee you make progress towards achieving your business goals. Allow yourself to dream and adapt while staying focused on the big things that need to be accomplished to grow your business. Take the time to focus internally, as well, and reflect on what matters most to you.

Be Adaptable and Grow Faster. Being resilient and able to go with the flow is key to being able to weather the ups and downs of small business. It is important to have a business plan to follow, however accepting that things will change and not go as expected right from the start allows you to keep pushing forward without getting discouraged. It also allows you to redirect your business focus as market trends change, and be able to do it more quicly than larger corporations that are stuck on their track. As new data comes along, and it will come along more quickly than you may realize, being able to adapt to new information and technologies will put your business in an excellent position to continue to grow.

Growing Tomorrow

Keep an eye on the Big Picture. While staying focused on what comes next is incredibly important, you also need to look out toward where the company is headed in the long run. The right choice for your company tomorrow may not be what you want to be doing in 5 years. Be sure to re-evaluate your business plan on a quarterly basis to ensure you’re keeping the big picture in mind. A successful company needs time to grow, and even a seemingly overnight success has taken years to develop. Dream big, keep looking to the future, and focus on the steps needed to take your business there.

Be good to people who can help you grow. Even if it is just you running the day to day of your business, you need people you can trust to offer a hand from time to time. Whether it is hiring a freelancer to complete projects, getting financial or business advice, or ultimately hiring your first employee, it is extremely important to have a pool of people who know you and your business. Find colleagues who have been where you are to meet for coffee and pick their brains. Make connections at events and through people you already know. Find where you can help others and network your business. Find innovative people to come alongside you to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

Growing for the Future

Keep learning. Just as the business landscape keeps changing, so must you keep learning and developing your skills. Successful entrepreneurs realize they don’t know everything and work to stay up to date on industry trends, new software, and innovative ideas. Following thinkers and leaders on social media is one way to stay well-versed and learn what they are developing. If you do a lot of driving, podcasts are a quick, bite-sized way to learn something new every day and grow a new set of skills.


If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know what it takes to start a business. Adding in some new skills will help you take your company to a whole new level. Continuing to observe what’s happening with the people and factors in your industry and applying what you learn to your own business will help push your company forward towards your goals.

Very best wishes for your every success,