Leaders, Increase the Impact of Your Actions By Leading Together, With Others

Are you a professional already in a leadership position, dedicated to working effectively with  others for higher outcomes, and committed to moving forward with purpose to your next level of contribution?

Are you seeking to strengthen the visions and values that exist deep within and then model and practice transformative leadership in your personal life, in your community, and / or your business?

Programs, processes and services offered by the Odyssey Leadership Centre are designed to provide a multi-faceted and collaborative forum for “Leaders with Intention” to take personal next steps and connect with others of like mind and intent.

Leading in Community

Q: How can you participate in a Community of Practice of Legacy Leaders,
challenging and supporting one another to transformational levels of leadership and mentorship?

Q: What would happen if we supported each other in realizing our full collaborative selves,
discovering our unique life purposes, and fully expressing our creativity in our work / world?

Q: What would happen if we all worked together to understand and guide the evolution of our businesses and society.

Q: What would happen if we made this the purpose of our relationships?

The Community, whether it is the organization in which you may work or others that are a part of your personal life, provides a centre that holds firm, to support the continued personal evolution of its members as well as the greater potential contribution of the group to social change.

As an evolving leader now cultivating a high degree of self-mastery you can increase the impact of your actions through leading together with others.

Together we are stronger. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to ‘do it alone’? What if, though collaborating with the right partners all your efforts would be easier, more fun and more fruitful?!

Would you like to learn how to participate in, and lead from the strong core of community through ‘peer leadership’?

To learn more about how you, your organization and your communities of interest can benefit from this powerful process contact Brenda for a free collaborative interview here.

Programs and processes supporting effective, community-based leadership, and practiced through the Odyssey Leadership Centre, include:

  • Legacy Leadership®
    A model with proven success in inspirational and collaborative leadership, Legacy Leadership® embodies a compelling and comprehensive set of competencies and skills. Find out about the 2 levels of certification Legacy Leadership® certification here.
  • Peer Leadership Processes and Communities of Practice
    Groups whose members regularly engage in sharing and learning, based on common interests, can improve organizational performance.
    Contact Brenda for more information
  • Dialogue
    A process that enables people from all walks of life to talk deeply and personally about some of the major issues and realities that divide them.
    Contact Brenda for more information
  • One Page Business Plan®
    Learn how to create a simple effective business plan and have a communicating system for all the plans in your organization. Find out more about the One Page Business Plan here.

As evolving leaders cultivate a high degree of self-mastery they have confidence to sail through challenging times. They’ve learned to deeply listen and respond skilfully to life and work with a strong and clear sense of purpose. Passion for this purpose becomes the true joy in life. Life belongs to the whole community when leaders expand their circles of connection and their circles of influence.

The Community provides a centre that holds firm, to support the continued personal evolution of its members as well as the greater potential contribution of the group to social change. Being embedded in, and an intimate part of, this type of community means having access to the reservoirs of inner strength to meet life’s challenges and stay tapped into the connection with a larger web, whose very nature is always dynamic and wired for change.

The Co-creators Agreements ask for commitment and the self-responsibility of each and every member of a leadership team, and set a space for respectful and creative group energy.


Very best wishes for your every success,