Assessment Instruments

The Winslow Report Assessment System

This system offers several assessment products for a variety of organizational applications, from selection and hiring to providing a baseline and coaching platform for employee development. The Winslow Human Dynamics Profile is a 24 Character Trait Assessment that is invaluable for interviewing, hiring, assessing right relationship with organizational positions, coaching, and development, at mid to senior levels. Other options provide ‘level appropriate’ assessments for all levels up and down the organization.

We are also delighted to offer a special introductory package to individuals who would like personal experience of this instrument, or for colleagues who see value in this assessment for their clients. Find out more about this new assessment offering and about the special introductory package here.

For a personal consultation on how the Winslow Assessments can dramatically enhance inter-organizational communication, development and placing the right people in the right positions, please click here.