Legacy Leadership® Whole Leader Development

Legacy Leadership® is more than a program. Other leader training systems will find a place and a fit within the comprehensive structure / framework of the Five Best Practices of this model. The truths and Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance and form the foundation for real-time legacy in today’s business environment.

Legacy Leadership® is built on 5 Best Practices, which are found in all great leaders, whether it’s those whose focus & achievements leap from the worn pages of the ancients, or those found among the Fortune 500 leaders of today – and will be found among the leaders of tomorrow. Legacy Leadership® is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for the new economy. It enables you to live your legacy now, and grow the leaders of tomorrow…today. Legacy Leadership® works, because it is directed at the core of what achieves results – the people.

The bottom line is:

  • The time is right.
  • People are asking for it.
  • People need it.
  • Our globally connected world is ripe for it.
  • Those who have experienced it are humbled and inspired.

What is Legacy Leadership?

All our Legacy Leadership® Programs include a thorough presentation of the 5 Best Practices™ (see below) along with the integration of the Critical Success Skills that actuate each practice into behaviours. The system includes three elements in each practice (one element of “being” and two of “doing”) along with the 10 Critical Success Skills (CSS) necessary to integrate each Practice.

For example the three elements of Best Practice 1 (BP1) are Holder of Vision and Values. Holder is the “being” element followed by Vision and Values, the “doing” elements. What really enables this system to penetrate leaders’ behaviours is the targeted Critical Success Skills that guide the integration of each Practice. Note these Critical Success Skills for BP1, from which coaching questions could be generated:

Concerning Vision:

  • Clear compelling organizational vision in writing
  • Excellent communication of vision throughout the organization
  • Ways to measure vision
  • Roadmap and milestones
  • Compelling strategic design throughout the organization
  • Knowledge of personal vision and matching alignment to the organizational vision

Concerning Values:

  • Fully developed values statement and guiding principles that are clearly defined
  • Organization-wide communication of values o Measurement methods
  • Employee clarity and agreement with values

Attitude of values underlying all work Critical Success Skills for Effective Application of Best Practice 1

  1. Consistently reinforce the organization’s vision and values.
  2. Intentionally model guiding principles in everything, with everyone.
  3. Personally integrate organization’s vision in all responsibilities.
  4. Have well-defined strategic plan for accomplishing vision.
  5. Enable team to translate organizational vision, and align daily responsibilities with organizational goals.
  6. Establish measurable milestones congruent with vision.
  7. Ensure that organizational values are integrated into how organization does business.
  8. Clearly identify personal values; “walk the talk” in everything.
  9. Place importance on developing others.
  10. Effectively communicate, sustain processes to achieve vision and values.

The 5 Best Practices are:

Holder of Vision and Values™ Creator of Collaboration and Innovation™ Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership™ Advocator of Differences and Community™ Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability™

Just as BP1 is illustrated above, the other four (4) Best Practices have 10 Critical Success Skills for each, to integrate intentional leadership behaviour. The Legacy Leadership© System comprises 15 leadership elements and 50 specific Critical Success Skills for life long integration and perpetuation in others.

Who is Legacy Leadership® for?

The Legacy Leadership® Model is specifically beneficial for:

  • Managers and executives who want to reach for the extraordinary – those who want to be LEGACY Leaders®.
  • Internal executive coaches/OD and OB consultants who develop other leaders and would like a comprehensive leadership platform.
  • External consultants/coaches who are contracted by individuals and organizations to develop leaders and take them to new heights.
  • Natural / Intuitive leaders who desire to be intentional, purposeful and effective leaders.
  • Retired or retiring leaders who have organizational experience and are now ready to mentor others and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether you are a corporate leader or someone who coaches leaders, CoachWorks®, together with Limitless Leadership International, have developed a program – a life system – that will significantly change the way you lead, the way to coach others, the way you work and the way you live your life.

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