Mastery takes time, One Cannot Emerge as a Leader Overnight

Are you an emerging leader wishing to be clearer on how to make your leadership strengths work for you and hone those ‘growing edges’ to maximize your impact?

Purpose + Action + Intensity = Results

The Odyssey Leadership Centre offers individual mentoring and custom designed programs and services to ensure that you will:

  • Identify and Maximize your Gifts,
  • Find your Ideal Working Partners and
  • Streamline your Leadership Practice

Odyssey’s Programs Include:

  • Emergence to Leadership Mastery
    A customized process for your emergence to your personal mastery as a leader.
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  • Personal Mentoring
    Packages can range from individual sessions to custom designed mentoring packages – a combination of private sessions and programs to enrich your life and work.
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    We search for mentors who teach us to stretch, to tolerate discomfort, to accept our high, seemingly inconvenient calling. ~Marsha Sinetar

  • One Page Business Plan®
    What would happen if your business planning were less stress to create? What if it were all on one page where you could have it for easy reference to guide you daily and keep you on track to your business success? Book a collaborative conversation with Brenda…
    Find out more about the One Page Business Plan here.
  • Presenting and Facilitating with Power & Presence
    Become a more confident and persuasive speaker; a more effective and focused communicator, become a speaker who inspires trust in your listeners. Book a collaborative conversation with Brenda.
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  • Conversation Methods for Engaging and Transforming Group Effectiveness
    The compelling nature of the questions we ask and the ability to host deep and meaningful conversations with individuals and groups are the skills of a masterful leader and creates the space for satisfying and lasting choices for change.  There are a variety of ways to engage in meaningful conversation: These include:
    • Dialogue  • Appreciative inquiry  • World Café • Open Space Technology

Hard work and competence are not enough to Emerge as a Leader!

leader, leaders, leadership. teach online, video confercing, online meetings, e-learning, online education, global educationWe call it the path of emergence and it’s entirely three-fold: backward, inward, forward.

To learn more about these methods and other facilitation skills please visit our Masterful Facilitation Institute programs, of which Brenda is a founding partner and a lead program leader.

What we call the path of emergence is threefold: backward, inward, forward. Hard work and competence are not enough. As emerging and evolving leaders interact with others in their personal and work lives work lives, they are constantly monitoring what is happening locally, nationally and globally, searching for opportunities and a connection to others with leadership intention. When they feel connected to something and to each other, this connection immediately allows a higher individual and collective purpose to emerge.

The path to your next level of leadership includes a personalized and customized mentoring service with Brenda Chaddock as the guide. It can include a combination of individual session work and a variety of programs. As you discover more about yourself, your beliefs (old and new), your unique gifts and contributions, you will lightly weave your life as an individual into a larger whole, which actually opens a container of expression of your life’s essence and authenticity.  , Together with Brenda, you will design the process that will ignite your passion, potential, possibilities – your new leadership story.

Programs and Processes:

  • Emergence to Leadership Mastery
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Other elements of the emergence process:

  • Passion to Create – Leading from unique gifts & co-creativity
  • The power of living and speaking Truth
  • Leading lightly – a reminder of the value of lightness and humour
  • Using personal /impersonal energy


Very best wishes for your every success,