Defining Online Leadership in Today’s Global Marketplace

Online leadership in today’s world requires new leadership values. No longer is an online leader simply a person who can make an inspiring speech or proclaim themselves a “guru”. Today, an internet entrepreneur or leader faces challenges of huge political, economic and environmental proportions with many choosing to use their businesses to contribute positively to or solve an aspect of these global crises. An online leader should have the ability to convince followers (and others) to change destructive habits, be good communicators and focus more on the participation of women in leadership roles, globally.

While in the past, civilizations have faced war and perceived threats from beyond a country’s borders – today, we are faced with more “threats” from within our own borders, than beyond. Our habits and focus need to change to reflect these threats and our online leaders and entrepreneurs should have the conviction and morals to convince and advocate this positive change.

Using Virtual Facilitation in Online Leadership to Change the World

When choosing the internet gurus you will follow in the footsteps of, you should be looking for those who are currently recognizing leadership skills in others and dedicating at least part of their time and energy into growing new and better online leaders and entrepreneurs; and more importantly those whose lives reflect the same values you are seeking to give to the world.

In today’s ever evolving and expanding global marketplace online leaders must begin to use virtual facilitation, if they aren’t already, and they must expand their facilitation skills, not only to stay relevant but also to deliver a more immersive experience with a higher retention rate. (Register for Our Pro Training Here)

Finding one’s tribe via social networking and advertising can be challenging and engaging that tribe can be even more so, however when you utilize your network of strong voices you can use virtual facilitation to actually convince people to make positive changes. Through online facilitation you can bring together experts and people from all over the world, with the experts helping us change our habits to better sustain the earth on which we live. This might seem overwhelming; however, this enormous task is being tackled by some of today’s most inspiring and ground breaking online leaders and entrepreneurs. In fact, Dr. Jane Goodall is now offering an online masterclass!

Online Facilitation is the Way to a True Connection with Your Following

With our ability to find facts and figures with a click of a mouse, people can be informed about the problems and challenges facing all of us in today’s world. However, with all the conflicting information available, people are not sure whom to trust and this why they look to be inspired by ground breaking online entrepreneurs and leaders; to help show them how to advocate positive change.

Online leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, coaches and anyone wanting to make their mark on the internet today must be able to listen to and hear their following’s input and solutions, they must be able to connect with our youth and our seniors, because both are internet savvy these days!

Through virtual facilitation you can bring any message to your audience in a way that truly connects you to the follower; not only are they hearing you but more importantly you can hear them, their pains, what they are really looking to learn from you and what your program or offering might be missing. You want to give them what they want, they are your loyal fan base, serving them, serves you! (Register for Our Pro Training Here)

“When people who attend experience that their presence is truly wanted and valuable, and that their unique gifts is necessary for the best outcome of the gathering, the possibility for authentic engagement, leading to success, is greatly enhanced.” —The Art of Convening, by Craig and Patricia Neal with Cynthia Wold

As the Global Marketplace Shifts Online Facilitation Will Only Play a Larger Role

An important factor to consider when contemplating online leadership in today’s world is that your business or service may not please everyone, and that’s okay. You are looking for your tribe, those who value and resonate with your brand or offerings, don’t try to please everyone but also remember you might connect with people you never thought of as followers and buyers, so don’t be too narrow in your focus. Keep your eye on the positive change you want to bring to the world in a helpful, rather than destructive, way, and remember most people maintain an open mind.

Online Leadership & Entrepreneurship in today’s world should consist of an approach which is open and transparent; goals and visions should be communicated fast and effectively, which is why virtual facilitation is a “MUST” have skill set for all existing and potential online leaders.

Styles and challenges of online entrepreneurs and leaders are going to change drastically in the coming years and the results will be positive and ensure a stronger and better future. What is not going to change is the movement of the global marketplace to an entirely online experience, already surprising niches have gone online, and this trend will only continue . . . are you prepared to run your programs, classes, meetings and teams virtually?

You need to be! (Register for Our Pro Training Here)

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