Legacy Leadership® Certification

Limitless Leadership International will be offering Certification in Legacy Leadership® throughout the year. The following certifications are available at these Institutes.

International Facilitator Certification

Legacy Leadership® Certification begins with an experiential process to strengthen your own leadership competencies in preparation for leading or coaching others. In this highly interactive process you will learn and experience each Practice – the beliefs, attitudes, skills and behaviours that make up that Practice. Ultimately it is as you develop and assimilate the Five Best Practices that you become a LegacyLeader®.

 For those who wish to facilitate publicly or within client organizations this Certification will prepare you for facilitating in more complex organizational environments.  In addition to a kick-off day, you will participate in the Integrating Legacy Leadership® Teleclass This series of six x 60 minute sessions utilizes the Legacy Leadership® Focus Workbook an “unbelievably valuable tool” (from one reviewer!) for coaching and integrating all 50 of the Critical Success Skills of the 5 Best Practices into organizations. For additional info on the Integrating Legacy Leadership Teleclass and how it will benefit you, please click here.

Facilitator Certification also includes personal mentoring as you integrate Legacy Leadership® into your own personal practice / business and design consultation as you prepare to deliver Legacy Leadership® in your organizations or with clients.


Certification in Vancouver and Virtually. Please call Brenda at 604-9329-4290