Now is the time to take your leadership to a new level!

What is collaborative leadership?

Through a variety of personal and group programs, you have engaged in discovery, interaction, connection and ultimately collaborative leadership. You have achieved personal mastery and co-created a strong harmonious community of fellow leaders. Now is the time to up your game and take it where the path is uncharted and the reward is living the legacy of your unique expression of what leadership is – every day.

Where, how and with whom are you practicing your leadership?

Whether you are practicing leading other daily . . . locally, nationally, globally, in business or the communities in which you live and work, there are essential elements which will support and enrich your ability to serve effectively and in harmony with the greater whole, of which we are each, an integral part.

Odyssey Leadership Centre, specializes in refining and teaching these essential elements along with tools and techniques so you can effectively support community-based leadership. We offer through courses and mentoring:

  • Legacy Leadership®
    A model with proven success in inspirational and collaborative leadership. Legacy Leadership® embodies a compelling and comprehensive set of competencies and skills.
    Learn more about Legacy Leadership® here.
  • Communities of Practice 
    Groups whose members regularly engage in sharing and learning, based on common interests, can improve organizational performance.
  • Dialogue
    A process that enables people from all walks of life to talk deeply and personally about some of the major issues and realities that divide them.
  • One Page Business Plan®
    Whether you are a ‘solo-preneur’, a small business, or leading in a large, complex organization, One Page Business Plan® can assist you in efficiently and effectively getting your business plan on one page in a stress-free way.
     Learn more about the One Page Business Plan here

Make your leadership path an uncharted one!

Very best wishes for your every success,