One Page Business Plan®
A simple solution to a complex problem. Brenda Chaddock is a Licensed and Certified Consultant of this leading Web-Based Planning System which provides Alignment, Accountability, and Results. What would happen if everyone is your organization were on the same page?

Creating a One Page Business Plan® for your Business

One Page Business plan


For sample plans check out Oprah’s site by clicking here.


One Page Business Plan®

“The One Page Business Plan® is an out and out winner. Period. It makes great sense to me as a so-called business thinker. But the acid test was applying it to a start-up I co-founded. We spent several days drafting our one pager – and have been editing it ever since. It is a powerful, living document; the very nature of which has led us to important new insights. The One Page Business Plan® = the proverbial better mousetrap!” Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, Thriving on Chaos, Liberation Management, The Pursuit of Wow!, and The Circle of Innovation

Contact us to get started with Point, Click, Plan!™ From Complexity to Simplicity The fastest, easiest way to write a Business Plan Whether you are a ‘solo-preneur’, a small business, or leading in a large, complex organization, One Page Business Plan® can assist you in efficiently and effectively getting your business plan on one page in a stress-free way. Three formats are available to you:

1. Best Selling Books

Now There Are Four Titles in The One Page Business Plan® Series! These new editions include the One Page® Toolkits on CD-ROM with templates, worksheets, sales calculators, budgets, scorecards and bonus tools!These easy to use Workbooks have been carefully crafted to capture the business plan that is in your head.Complete the exercises in reflection by yourself, with a planning partner or a business consultant.For brief description of the four business focus choices: Creative Entrepreneur, Professional Consultant, Non- Profit and Financial Services please click here. Note: Brenda Chaddock is a licensed One Page Business Plan® affiliate and would be delighted to offer her services as you ‘uncover’ your plan… Books and coaching are available from the Odyssey Leadership Centre.

2. Create a compelling draft in just 90 minutes with Point Click Plan!

Interactive Courseware and ToolkitPoint, Click, Plan! is designed to help you write a clear, concise, understandable and actionable business plan on a single page, in the quickest and simplest way possible. This self-paced, interactive learning tool teaches you how to create a One Page Business Plan® as you write! It contains everything you need to craft your plan in far less time than is needed by other ‘conventional’ planning processes.With this self-guided CD: Learn One Page Planning in minutes…not hours

    • Interactive prompts guide your plan development…quickly and easily
    • Powerful visual tools streamline learning and facilitate retention
    • Over 150 practical examples

Sample experience:

“This is the new way to plan. No wasted time. In a short time I had a solid draft. Two days later my entire team had their One Page Plans ready for review and alignment. Time previously spent on planning is now spent on execution!” Craig Peddie, Vice President and General Manager, America Online, Inc.

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3. Planning at the Speed of the Web for Alignment… Accountability… Results!

The One Page Planning and Performance System is a breakthrough business application. It takes the best of the One Page Business Plan® process to the web to create a powerful strategic planning and performance management system that helps your company:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Increase revenues and profits
  • Develop stronger communication between departments and divisions
  • More effectively implement, communicate and update business plans
  • Develop high performance leaders
  • Focus people and resources on achieving aligned departmental & company goals


The Five WOWs of the One Page® Planning and Performance System™

WOW #1 Every manager has a plan; and it is just a click away Online Business Schematic with One Page Plans for every Business Unit WOW #2 System tracks results of every key objective Online performance Scorecard for each and every objective WOW #3 Need to know the status of a critical initiative or project? CLICK ON IT! Online progress reports for each planned action WOW#4 No more guessing about the status of any plan Color-coded business plan status at a glance WOW #5 Total Accountability View all Performance Scorecards and Progress Reports for each manager with a single click

Benefits of this complete ASP Hosting Solution:

  • Fast 48 hour set up
  • Simple system administration
  • No client IT requirement
  • Easy to use intuitive system
  • Supports work group collaboration
  • Web-based – accessible worldwide

Sample experience: “The One Page Planning method, along with the web-based tool, are great ways to help managers stay strategic even though their days may be spent working primarily on tactical issues” P.J Anderson, President and CEO, OP Contact

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Ask us how One Page Business Plan® is working to simplify and streamline the plans of teachers and administration staff in school districts and how the One Page Planning process was a contributing element to an Ohio School District winning the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in Education.

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