Legacy Leadership® for Whole Leader Development

There are a variety of ways we deliver Legacy Leadership® learning, according to the purpose of the client. We specialize in custom programs for organizations which include:

  • Legacy Leadership® Institute for Work Teams
  • Legacy Leadership® Intensive for Senior Executives
  • Legacy Leadership® Integration Series
  • Winslow Assessments for key individuals
  • Individual Executive Coaching – this could be a link to Organizational Leadership Coaching

A rapid growth in the work force, along with the retirement of senior executives, will require leadership development to prepare existing and potential leaders for the growth and uninterrupted success of the company.

Alignment between Legacy Leadership® Best Practices and successful organizational practice

Legacy Leadership® BestPractice (BP)

Org vision/ values / strategic planning & BP Application

BP 1 Holder of Vision and Values™
Strive for Excellence & Maintain Integrity As your leaders set the context for the company’s vision and values, they set the foundation for alignment throughout the organization, which is the essence of this Best Practice.
BP 2 Creator of Collaboration and Innovation™
Work as a Team. The focus of this best practice is the development of skills and processes which foster inter- departmental collaboration with the larger community that is needed to apply these values.
BP 3 Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership™
Have Passion. This best practice focuses on developing leaders at every level of the company, so the standards and spirit of excellence cascades throughout the organization
BP 4 Advocator of Differences & Community™
Show Loyalty. The impact of this best practice is improved understanding of the unique communication and perspective of others for the purpose of increasing team effectiveness and relationships with key community groups. This is loyalty in action.
BP 5 Calibrator of Responsibility & Accountability™
Operate Safely & Intentionally. This Best Practice highlights the link between a clear vision and systems that demonstrate accountability to stakeholders. At the same time, it highlights the responsibility of leaders to set the bar for operating practices that ensure effective and lasting outcomes.


It is our experience with leadership development that it is important to provide processes for integrating and applying the principles of Legacy Leadership®. This has consistently been reinforced by the feedback from participants in the introductory learning engagement. Without a solid integration process, the impact of the initial learning will be diminished over time, until 6 months later, it will have evaporated and any potential changes will be lost.

In order to accommodate various time constraints and budget parameters, we have designed several opportunities for introducing and integrating leadership capacity building for your organization’s leaders.

1. Legacy Leadership Institute for Work Teams

This is a 1 or 2-day in-person seminar for leaders, to ground them with the concepts and potential application of the five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership. The benefits of including team members are that they have common language and framework for planning, problem solving, and leading new initiatives.

2. Legacy Leadership® Intensive for Senior Executives

This is a one-day overview of the Legacy Leadership® model and facilitated conversations about the role models exemplified by individual leaders and the group as a whole. This would ideally be offered first to ensure consistency between the senior team and other leaders.

This format can easily be adapted to serve as a refresher course for those individuals who have previously been introduced to Legacy Leadership® and would benefit from being re-energized.

These learning intensives would be followed by 6 Integrations calls to focus on each of the Best Practices and incorporate them effectively in the organizations’ management and leadership at all levels.

Options for Facilitation of this learning Experience

Limitless Leadership International is pleased to offer the Legacy Leadership® content & experience in both an ’In the Room‘ experience and a ’Virtual‘ learning platform using a state of the art online learning platform called Zoom. This learning environment is highly interactive, filled with stimulating challenges and unique learning opportunities. We believe this Institute will be life-changing as you learn not just another leadership style. It provides all the elements and skills for a proven life leadership system for effective ‘real time’ application.

You will learn the basic principles of the 5 Best Practices, which are the foundation of Legacy Leadership®, and how to design and implement action plans to measure and grow Legacy Leadership® competencies in your personal or organizational environments, setting the optimal direction and environments for achieving outstanding business results. You will be challenged to evaluate your own Legacy Leadership® current state and potential, and given the blueprint and tools to instill it in others.

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