Testimonials About Brenda

Feedback on Brenda’s work and Programs:

Brenda has more ambient energy than anyone I have worked with. Her presence and commitment can be felt in the room and everyone benefits. Richard L.

Brenda’s style is about vision, commitment, support and challenge. After working with her I feel like I am connected with my Vision for the first time and, best of all, I know how to make it happen! Helen J.

Brenda’s light, dynamic and engaging style will carry you to the leading edge of possibility of the New Story, and transform your world view. Myriam L.

Fun, enthusiastic, dynamic, vibrant, and humorous. Brenda skilfully sets an environment that is conducive to elevate each person present to experience a higher aspect of themselves; to experience how touched we can become with each other…. creating a new space of bonding. Toni C.

My sincerest gratitude for the extremely professional organizational development skill the 2 of you (Brenda and Myriam) provided to the Congress process AND to us, as facilitators at the Gather the Women Congress. I work in Silicon Valley amid high tech companies that spend millions of $$ every year on organizational development.  Over 20 years I have sat through more than my fair share of lectures, encounter groups, management training, etc that came nowhere near the level of expertise you displayed. You provided a level of training, creativity, and experience that for-profit companies pay big-time for… and you did it out of commitment to an idea – and you did it with a loving attitude. You are grand teachers. Thank you. Cynthia J

As I said several times during the program (Legacy Leadership® Institute), I so appreciated the integration of head, heart and spirit. The facilitators (Brenda and Carollyne) truly were catalysts for the development of a space very hard to describe and a privilege to be part of. Sandra H.

What an excellent program (Legacy Leadership® )! I think what made it so good was the excellent level of facilitation skills that Carollyne and Brenda brought into the room. Outstanding! The design of the program was the most energizing I have experienced to date. The three days flew by. And each day was filled with gold nuggets to learn, grow and develop from. A very rich experience. Cheryl H.