What people are saying about Limitless Leadership:

We recently brought Legacy Leadership into our organization. A supervisory team of 12 people received the Legacy training which was co-facilitated by Brenda Chaddock. The benefits to the agency, just six weeks later, are already immeasurable. The training supported the team to be self-reflective and gain an appreciation for how each of them could be an intentional leader using the five best practices of Legacy Leadership. The five best practices have been embraced by the team and each leader is beginning to ‘live their legacy’. The training has prompted urgency to action that is increasing the capacity of each leader and the organization. I would recommend this training to any leader that wishes to maximize their abilities and those of their team with the primary purpose of improving organizational excellence.
Marilyn Conner, MBA, DMC, CEC • Executive Director, Wetaskiwin & District Association for Community Service

I first “encountered” Legacy Leadership nearly two years ago on a course, ïn Vancouver, with Brenda Craddock. As Managing Director of the global training organisation Brainovate I have seen many trainers and various leadership models but LL and the facilitation process literally transformed how I and my Clients do business in Europe.

Its not often I use the words „life changing” but this was one time that I can honestly say that my experience was just that. Brenda was an exceptional facilitator whose professional approach blended seemlessly with her sense of humour and innate ability to create a learning environment and space that allowed participants to gain real insights into not just doing leadership but truly „being” a leader.

From a business perspective the comprehensive and practical nature of the programme is unquestionably attractive in a increasingly dynamic marketplace. Since introducing Legacy Leadership to my portfolio, hundreds of leaders at various levels working in over 10 countries for major brands/companies such as British American Tobacco , Stella Artois and PWC are now successfully using the model and life system.

I would without question recommend Brenda and Legacy Leadership.
Oliver Perkins, Managing Director • Brainovate, Bucharest, Rumania

“With so many leadership models floating around, it’s very difficult to sort through them. I find Legacy Leadership to be immensely practical because it is more of a lifestyle to be cultivated within the whole area of ministry and leadership. Brenda Chaddock (Limitless Leadership International) does a commendable job in leading the workshop in a way that invites participation from everyone, and also in leading the participant to gain insights about his/her own strengths and areas for improvement. I believe everyone’s ministry and everyday life can be greatly enhanced through Legacy Leadership principles.”
Bryan Houser, Director of Missions • Amarillo Baptist Association

“The heart of Legacy Leadership is the five key components, which are essential for any leader who desires to build and leave a legacy. The workshop unpacks each key component by using a variety of interactive methods to enhance the learning experience. Legacy Leadership is a comprehensive framework from which to address all facets of successful leadership.”
Darrell Horn, D.Min., Executive Director of Missions San Felipe Baptist Association

“I have studied leadership for years in all kinds of learning environments. I’ve read dozens of leadership books and articles. Legacy Leadership is the finest tool I’ve found for integrating all that I’ve learned. I am able to apply better what I know and to strengthen my weak areas with the Five Legacy Practices.”
David Bowman, D.Min., Executive Director • Tarrant Baptist Association

“Finally, someone with impeccable credibility and international influence has written, “The Gospel of Leadership!” When I was reading, several years ago, Drs. Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith’s, Legacy Leadership: A Leader’s Guide to Lasting Greatness, I thought this material could be placed in the New Testament, right after Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is a concise system of leadership that addresses the leaders, personhood or being as well as the leaders activities or doing; all from the value system consistent with our Lord and Savior.”

“Legacy Leadership provides a blueprint for leadership similar to blueprints architects, construction managers, inspectors and financiers use to build the building of their dreams. These five leadership practices, when implemented, will show immediate results within any church setting. If you are interested in leading like Jesus, with his values, beliefs and actions Legacy Leadership will help you achieve your potential.”
Harrell Teague, Church Growth & Vital Church Consultant • San Antonio Baptist Association

“For many years I have studied how to be a better leader. Working with churches and their staff members is an art. The materials and training experiences I recently received in “Legacy Leadership Training” is the most comprehensive and practical I have studied. I am now using the book Legacy Leadership: The Leaders Guide to Lasting Greatness by Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith to mentor a group of pastors in the Vital Church Process. More importantly I am applying “Legacy Leadership” precepts and principles in my life and ministry. I recommend that all leaders seriously study “Legacy Leadership” to sharpen and develop their skills in church ministry and other Christian organizations. Mastering the five legacy practices will advance the Kingdom of God.”
Dr. Charles Price, Director of Missions, San Antonio Baptist Association

‘It was an honour to have learned from master facilitators who truly live this stuff  every day. The learning was both deep and inspiring.”
Shana Ring, SaskPower

“I’m grateful for the personal development and for the chance to work with such talented people – I’m encouraged by your thoughtful presence during our time together.”
Tim Marks, Calgary Board of Education

I have never found a leadership piece as powerful as Legacy Leadership® . It has changed my entire approach to teaching leadership and practicing it. Long answers but important one for others to hear. Click here to read more.
Dr. Kathy Dale, Hays University, Kansas

I know the full value of what I have gained from the Legacy Leadership® Institute will be seeping in for the next few months (years!). Click here to read more.
Myriam Laberge, Principal, Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.

Although it’s important to understand and implement models of leadership, what is truly crucial is to appreciate the innate wisdom and leadership qualities in each of us. Click here to read more.
Laura Fluter, Principal, Whitelight Promotions

The Institute was one of those rare experiences that will have a lifelong impact.
Don Pearson General Manager, Mission Control®

Legacy Leadership® is about finding people doing things right then develop(ing) a plan to take them(selves) from good to great.
Greg Wensel, Manger, Development & Training WCB, Saskatchewan

As the Director of Staff Development and Training for one of South Carolina’s largest State Agencies, I have had the opportunity to work with many training organizations and consultants. Working with Brenda and Carollyne has by far been one of the best experiences and investments in training in years.
Stanley W. Green, Assistant Director, Office of Quality Management, Dept. Of Health and Environmental Control, South Carolina

As I said several times during the program (Legacy Leadership® Institute), I so appreciated the integration of head, heart and spirit. The facilitators (Brenda and Carollyne) truly were catalysts for the development of a space very hard to describe and a privilege to be part of.
Sandra L. Hill, M.A., President, Clear Impact Consulting Group, Inc.

What an excellent program (Legacy Leadership® )! I think what made it so good was the excellent level of facilitation skills that Carollyne and Brenda brought into the room. Outstanding! The design of the program was the most energizing I have experienced to date. The three days flew by. And each day was filled with gold nuggets to learn, grow and develop from. A very rich experience.
Cheryl Hobelaid

“If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”
Old Chinese Proverb