The Foundation of Legacy Leadership®

Now, like no other time in history, there is a need to develop strong leadership abilities. Using a model with proven success for both the best of times and the worst of times, Legacy Leadership® embodies a compelling and comprehensive set of competencies and skills. Legacy Leaders® lead the way for others to follow to the edge of our current story and beyond.

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We hear stories every day about the lack of strong leadership talent in our workplaces and our world.

Legacy Leadership® , developed by Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom, is a comprehensive model for developing talented leaders. It includes competencies and practices with immediate applicability to almost every challenge and possibility leaders face today. The ‘5 Best Practices’ embrace both vision and accountability for results, as well as methods for creating an environment for group success, strong and dependable relationships, and maximizing the talents of diverse perspectives and strengths. Most major leadership models find a fit in this balanced framework. Many organizations have a set of competencies with which to measure their leader performance; others do not. In either case, Legacy Leadership® provides a sound structure for such competencies to reside.

With the structural map of the 5 Best Practices™, you will have a full and complete picture of the destination your leader development program will go, for you personally and for those you lead. The basic focus of Legacy Leadership® is on OTHERS, rather than on the leader, in order to develop leaders who then develop other leaders. The outcome is fully developed leaders, both current and emerging, and greatly enhanced leadership potential.

Legacy, in this model is not about building and leaving ‘things’. It is about building people. It is about investing in individual leaders who can then share their learnings with others. Legacy is realized in this perpetuating cycle of leadership development by enabling your personal and community plan to come alive and thrive. Your authentic and Essential Selves are offered to others in order to develop their best Selves and so on, leaving a multi-generational imprint – a living legacy.

Limitless Leadership International is dedicated to offering a variety of leadership skills built around this solid platform and structure.

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