The Winslow Report Assessment System

This systems offers you several assessment products for a variety of organizational applications, from selection and hiring to providing a baseline and coaching platform for employee development. Contact us for more information on benefits of, and access to, these instruments.

  • Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory:

    A benchmarking tool against the Best Practices. Available as a self-assessment or comprehensive 360 online.

  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory:

    A self-assessment designed to assist with communication across different natural styles.

  • Highlands Natural Ability Battery:

    An online tool which identifies key natural abilities and their relationship to work styles.

  • Canadian Study of Coaching’s Effect on Leadership Competency

    This 40-page report evaluates coaching’s effect on leadership competency at the City of Vancouver.The power in this study resides in the fact that there was a control group who did NOT receive coaching; the results of the study are compared with that control group.The study is ideal for coaches and leaders considering coaching for their organization. It is also perfect for coaches who want to demonstrate the benefit of coaching in an organization and for organizations who are considering coaching for their leaders.

Price: $35 CDN plus shipping and handling.

Special Introductory Package:

  • 1 hour Winslow Overview TeleClass – TBA, at noon Pacific time
  • 1 hour personal, private debrief of your Winslow results (a $300 value!)
  • A final group TeleCall, one month following the initial call, to create a strong relationship between the Winslow, other assessment tools you are using or familiar with, and your core business(a $100 value!)

If you are interested in the Special Introductory Package please contact us for details.