What is Leadership in Management?

What is leadership in management? To determine this, first we must define what the difference is between leaders and managers. The dictionary defines a manager as “A person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.”  Vocublary.com defines a leader as, “A leader is the one in charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action.” Managers focus on the daily results of processes and procedures whereas leaders focus on long term goals for the company or organization. Managers control and leaders inspire. Managers move their teams where they need to go by controlling, training, setting goals, and making sure processes and procedures are followed. Leaders look at the big picture. They inspire, take risks, ask how instead of why, and create a vision.  Both roles are essential to organizational success and can be fulfilled by the same person or different people. The question is, what is being asked for, where and when? Who is best equipped to be in these roles?

What is Leadership in Management – can you have one without the other?

What happens if there is leadership but no management?  Leaders are the big picture people who may not focus on how things are actually going to be accomplished.  They may not be the detail people who can put the procedures and processes in place that have to be followed on a daily basis.  This leaves a lot of chaos in its wake. People have to jump in to figure out how the day-to-day running of the business is going to be done. Without competent managers to execute the policies and procedures, a company will end up floundering without ever achieving success.  Having a great leader but no managers is a prescription for failure.

What happens if there is management but no leadership?  Managers are controlling the day-to-day operation of the company and without leadership, where are they going and what are they focusing on?  They manage the daily processes that keep the company going. Where is the innovation, change and inspiration for the employees? While a company could continue to operate, it will probably become stagnant with no new products/services being introduced.  Those new ideas typically come from leadership, that big picture person who has a vision.


What is Leadership in Management – Do You Have to Be a Risk Taker?

What is leadership in management? Can you be a manager and a leader?  The answer is yes, you can incorporate leadership in management. As a manager you will need to acquire leadership skills so you can become a manager who leads rather than controls. One of the first things you are going to have to do to become a manager who is also a leader is to learn to take risks.  How open are you as a manager when someone brings you a new or innovative idea? One of the biggest differences between leaders and managers is that the leader is willing to risk, so in order to bring leadership into your management style, learning to take risks is essential. Another quality that leaders have is a willingness to see others succeed, so query how you can incorporate risk taking in your role as manager.  Define some acceptable levels of risk to get started learning how to be a risk taker.


What is Leadership In Management – Where Does Creativity Come In?

Creativity is not something you typically see in management.  Managers are happy to follow the status quo, so when you ask what is leadership in management, another leadership skill that a manager needs is creative thinking.  Entrepreneurs are leaders and they may start a business to solve a problem. Creativity is not innate in all of us yet it is a leadership skill that can be learned.  When a manager incorporates creative thinking in their management style they can lead their team to find solutions to problems by breaking out of the status quo and seeing things from a new perspective.  Creative thinking brings an element of excitement to a team’s decision making. Team members are not afraid to bring an out of the box idea to their manager.


What is Leadership in Management – Can You Be A Micromanager?

When you think about managers you have worked with in your career, were there any micromanagers?  Now think about leaders that you have worked with, they were not micromanagers. No, they create the vision and then let their team execute it.  So when you ask what is leadership in management, micromanaging does not fit the equation. Micromanaging your team members makes them feel undervalued, untrusted and untrustworthy.  Learning to trust may be difficult if you are a micromanager. It is, however, something you have to do if you want to be an effective manager who is also a leader. Just like learning to take risks will help you be a manager who is also a leader, so letting go of some of the control will too.  You can learn to be less controlling.It starts with trusting your team members, letting them decide how to tackle decisions on their own.


There are other leadership skills that managers can learn to become managers who are also leaders.  This article just touches on the topic. Remember, a lot of the skills that make a great leader can be learned. Don’t try to incorporate them all into your management style at once.  Take a good hard look at your management style and decide how you can make the leap from being a manager to a manager who is a leader. You may have to change your mindset. If You are able to make the changes necessary to become a manager who is a leader, you will find that people follow leaders.  You will have a more collaborative work environment where your team feels valued and trusted, making a great work environment and dramatically better results..

Very best wishes for your every success,