Why Lifelong Learners Continue Leadership Development Training

Lifelong learners pursue leadership development training because it gives them the ability to continue adapting their skills as they grow. A hallmark of highly successful people is that they never stop learning. In the fast-paced world we live in today it is more important than ever to continually update your leadership skills. To be an effective leader you will need to continue leadership development learning throughout your entire career. Always continue to learn, whether pursuing professional growth or personal.

Lifelong learning doesn’t mean that you are continually enrolled in “school” or taking classes forever. Lifelong learners choose to learn on their own for both personal and professional reasons. Being a lifelong learner who wishes to grow continually will require continued pursuit of leadership skills development. Pursuing leadership skills development over a lifetime will allow you to open your mind to new possibilities and bring a fresh new approach to your business and perhaps your life. You can find opportunities to grow your leadership skills all around you.

Books as a Resource for Leadership Skills Development

Search online or visit a brick and mortar bookstore and you will find thousands of books for Leadership Development learning. The New York Times publishes a list of best selling business books every week. There are books available covering leadership skill development in just about any industry. Reading books on your industry is a great way to continue your leadership development and it is relatively inexpensive.

Finding courses for Leadership Development

Another venue to develop your leadership skills is, of course, online. Start with a search for ‘courses for leadership development training’ in any search engine and you will find a plethora of options. You can even find free courses and you can find classes you can take in person. Find YouTube videos about your industry or look for webinars or online schools. Signing up for online courses is a productive way to grow leadership skills. Be sure to vet the companies and check their websites, see how they present themselves online to decide if you want to do business with this company. Also be sure to read the online reviews to identify companies that are in alignment with your vision and your goals.

A Mentor is a lifelong learner who is always growing their leadership development & skills.

A big benefit of mentoring a younger professional in your industry is the opportunity to gain knowledge that comes from another person’s viewpoint. As a mentor you may find mentees that you work with for a lifetime or just a brief period. The leadership skills you are developing will help you be a more successful Mentor for the long term, or for a short term to boost to someone’s career. Being a Mentor goes hand in hand with growing your own leadership skills. You will use these skills in both roles (short or long term).  Being able to connect with your audience is important because connecting with your audience is what will lead to success. Mentors inspire their mentees to look at their careers and evaluate the best direction to pursue to achieve their goals. Guiding others as a Mentor is being a leader, inspiring your mentees to pursue change with an open mind and become a very effective / successful leader. People follow a leader that they identify with at some level and leaders that allow themselves to be vulnerable are truly inspiring. Relating to you as another human can help your mentee be more relaxed and focus on the goals set out at the beginning of the Mentor/Mentee relationship. Setting ground rules for your Mentoring relationship will help you develop certain leadership skills yourself. You will be forced to ask difficult questions, and then you must be able to really listen. Being an active listener is one of the leadership skills you will be refining during your entire career as a Mentor.  Mentors have to also drop judgement, letting mentees know you are not judging them. Because you have had the same or similar issues, this will also help them relax and benefit the most from your demonstrated leadership skills.

Use Trade Shows, Conferences and Association Memberships as resources for continually developing your leadership skills.

Every year there are hundreds of Conferences and Trade Shows available in your industry (sometimes referred to as your ‘niche’ market). Look for Shows and Conferences that are offering classes, speakers, and sessions in your area of interest. Whether you are manning a booth or attending as a participant, you should utilize the opportunity to grow your leadership skills. As a noted industry professional you could be asked to speak at a Trade Show or Conference. Network with people involved in your industry (your niche market), and hear leaders speak, often just for the price of admission. Qualifying leads acquired at industry events helps you sharpen your knowledge of what is happening industry wide. By researching companies online, setting goals and following up on leads, you are constantly learning and absorbing the current climate in your industry. Being knowledgeable about your industry helps you guide others through their career development or to find their right path. Use your Professional Association memberships as a resource to aid you in finding events, connecting with your peers, and finding opportunities to share your knowledge of leadership skills. Be the kind of leader the attendees will be talking about after the event ends. This is one more way you will continually be using your leadership development skills.

Using the skills that lifelong learners employ to help their leadership development will lead to success in many ways: as a Mentor, a Speaker, a Writer, and/or a Teacher.  There are lots of available resources you can use over the course of your career for leadership development. Participating in some online and some in a face to face format will allow you to use both whenever possible. Some of these resources are free and some charge for the services. Set some goals for improving your leadership skill development and get to work!

Very best wishes for your every success,